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It’s well known that people join companies and leave managers.

Our management programs help your team leaders understand their role better. 

  • On average, only 30% of staff are engaged.
  • 50% of staff leave because of their manager.
  • On average, only 48% say they are “somewhat happy”.

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It all starts with A HUMAN FACTOR

Work is an inherently social process. Without people and the interactions between them, nothing much will get done.

The ways that we organise (systems) and do work (actions) have a direct influence on staff behaviour.

A productive culture requires clear, direct relationships between managers and staff. Since change is ever present and ongoing, your managers need the right tools and systems to influence effectively, and appropriately, within their own sphere of discretion.

Good systems and structures clarify authority and accountability. They empower your managers to constructively influence their teams’ behaviour towards consistently high performance.

Organisations have three key aspects

The specific area the organisation operates in. eg. Mining, Finance, Government, Education, Meat Processing, Agriculture.

How the organisation continues to exist over time (even Not for Profit).

The interaction of people in order to do work & achieve objectives.

Many programs focus on the technical and commercial aspects of people development.

But Most problems and opportunities exist in the social sphere

Learn about yourself before you develop others.

Build sustainable teams that perform effectively over time.


Approach leadership systemically, with clear structures and accountability.

Our programs have been developed over 20 years and draw from an extensive range of models including...

Program Development Hierarchy

We architect programs to suit each client's unique organisational landscape. Programs are constructed from a complimentary suite of models and frameworks. Participants will engage with the selected frameworks using action learning  processes, to effectively consolidate and strengthen their foundation of leadership and managerial skills.

Example Programs

Developing Managerial Leadership

Field Leadership

Want to learn more?

Our Systems Leadership programs are customised to your business that will help your managers learn the leadership tools and skills they need to effectively manage and develop their people.

We don't run open to the public workshops. All of our programs are designed via a process of working with our clients to understand their culture, their strategy, their challenges and their objectives.

If you would like to meet with one of our Senior Consultants for a confidential discussion with no obligations please feel free to get in touch.

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