Safety Leadership

Response Learning builds leadership capability throughout its training courses. Our Safety Leadership program incorporating the Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety, uses a Systems approach as the foundation for creating the right health and safety behaviours in your workplace. Supervisors and Managers who have developed the skills and knowledge of systems, practices and processes can positively influence and change the workplace environment and develop leadership capacity to improve the safety culture. This program develops the skills and knowledge to plan effectively, implement collaboratively and monitor and review practices.

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Response Learning / Safety Leadership

Get recognised with a Safety Leadership qualification.

BSB41419 Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety

The Benefits of completing a Safety Leadership Qualification

The Safety Leadership program develops skills and knowledge that will assist organisations to build a positive safety culture. Safety Leadership is not a prescribed position in workplaces and anyone can be and should be encouraged to be, a safety leader in their work area. After all, everyone in the workplace should have the common goal of reducing work-related injuries, illnesses and fatalities. Organisations do however need leaders who:

  • understand the nature and causes that drive behaviour in the organisation
  • apply strategies to lead across organisational boundaries and influence behaviours, practices and processes
  • promote the organisational health and safety goals and encourage making health and safety a normal but important part of the workplace culture
  • build collaborative work environments and drawing on the ideas, talent and expertise from across the organisation to encourage sharing or innovative health and safety practices and solutions