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Response Learning is a Australian Registered Training Organisation (RTO), experienced in delivering  both accredited qualifications and non-accredited training programs, across a variety of industries.

Through our sister company, Response Consulting, we assist clients with strategic consulting and organisational change initiatives, using a Systems Leadership methodology.

Also see Response Learning (Victoria) for our Victorian-based RTO business.

Our purpose is to support the development of organisational and human capability through the effective development of people and work processes.

We are experienced practitioners who develop professional support and services to clients; working across all facets of organisations to help them identify ways they can perform more effectively and assist in effective implementation and monitoring.

We are capable of supplying highly targeted solutions as well as larger projects requiring services across several disciplines.

Our people work in diverse fields including:

  • business strategy
  • structure and systems
  • formal training and development
  • cultural change
  • team building
  • individual mentoring and coaching.

Systems Leadership underpins all our organisational development activities. Systems leadership enables the leaders in an organisation to create the conditions where people at all levels can work productively and to their potential and to ensure the right people are in the right role doing the right work.

We have had a long association with Macdonald Associates and the co-authors of Systems Leadership Theory.  This body of work, which has been successfully implemented in many countries and cultures, informs a lot of our work.  While effective in its own right it is also compatible with many other constructive organisational developmental frameworks and can serve as an integration platform for these.


Global experience working in Australia, Africa, North and South America with some of the world’s leading mining companies.

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Whole of department custom, highly tailored, leadership and management development programs (State and Federal).

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Meat Processing

We regularly deliver training programs and build compliance capability in plants across the country.

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We deliver transformational leadership projects to leading major financial institutions across the country.

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Phillip Bartlett


Phillip has over 20 years of Organisational Consulting in Australia and Internationally. He is a Principal and MD of Response Consulting Australia. Following early industrial exposure in the coal industry in Australia, Phillip has managed and participated in consulting projects on all aspects of Organisational Improvement.

Peter Sharp


Peter has a wealth of experience as an organisational development consultant. His clients are diverse in size and structure. His strength is his rapport with all the people he advises, trains and coaches.

Andrew Moore


For over 15 years Andrew’s work has been in the development of organisations and the people who lead them. His work in organisational improvement has been built on early working years in processing and plant management roles in the meat processing industry, furthering his own development in business/business education and his passion for the development of others.

Scott Robinson


Scott has worked in meat processing for 21 years. His main focus of training is entry level through to middle management in meat processing. Scott is largely hands on, and with expertise in meat inspection, slaughtering, animal welfare, stock handling & stunning, HACCP, quality assurance, rendering, lean manufacturing and knife sharpening.

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