Our training courses develop outstanding leadership, performance and productivity in your key people, increasing their value to your organisation and making a positive impact on the bottom line. Systems are the foundation to creating the right behaviour in our workplaces. Managers who have developed the skills and knowledge of systems, practices and processes can positively influence and change the workplace environment and minimise frustrations that can occur in administration and management practices. Supervisors and managers need the skills and knowledge to plan well, implement collaboratively and monitor and review practices.

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Response Learning / Business

Get recognised with a business or management qualification.

Put your best foot forward with our range of recognised courses in business, management, project management and business administration.

BSB40920 Certificate IV in Project Management Practice

BSB50820 Diploma of Project Management

BSB50420 Diploma of Leadership and Management

The Benefits of completing a Business Qualification

Graduates gain a broad base of core skills, which can enable them to go on to work in wide variety of different industry sectors, and this includes those which you would not usually associate with business or management in general. These can consist of your traditional areas such as business administration and management, as well as opportunities in marketing and advertising, human resources and business consultancy, as well as retail and sales roles.

The fact that graduates develop invaluable key skills that are attractive to employers in a wide range of positions means that completing a recognised business or management course, is a smart choice for those looking to get ahead.

One of the key reasons that training in this area is so valuable is the wide range of transferable skill and knowledge obtained. Gaining this broad understanding of business operations, as well as targeted skills, allows you to efficiently operate in business and management environment, at both the day to day tactical level and a long-term strategic decision-making level. Some of these transferable skills include, but a re not limited to:

  • Logical thinking and decision making
  • Strong written and oral communication skills
  • An understanding of how organisations are structured and operate
  • Ability to be able to present and write reports that include analysis of financial data.
  • Teamwork and managing projects and resources
  • Knowledge of the main external and strategic factors that affect business decision making.