The Insight learning tools that Response offers use type profiling to help individuals learn about their particular styles of working, learning and communicating, and to assist groups of people to learn how to work together in the most effective way.


Insight Game

Insight Game is a fast but accurate method of achieving a similar result to the full Myers Briggs Instrument in understanding Type Preference.  It is a “solitaire” board game which helps the participant understand how they live in the world, how they make their decisions, take in information, and get their energy. It also helps the participant to appreciate the preference of others and build more meaningful relationships.

The Insight Game is non-threatening as it treats people as adults participating actively in their own.

Its all about preference: 

There are two opposite preferences for each of the four scales reported by the Insight Game. It is important to note that all of us use both of the opposite preferences.  We normally prefer to use one it feels more comfortable.

If you want more in depth information then purchase the insight reporting system along with the insight game.


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