Health and Safety Representative (HSR) Training (Initial)

Response Learning is an approved WHSQ HSR provider.

2019 HSR Requirements

From 1 July 2018, all elected HSRs are required under the WHS Act to attend this training.

New HSR training requirements commenced 1 February 2019. Visit Workplace Health and Safety Queensland for more information.

Course Objectives

This course will provide information for HSRs relating to:

  • WHS legislation and the role of the HSR
  • Identifying key parties and their legislative obligations and duties
  • Establishing representation in the workplace
  • Participating in consultation and issue resolution
  • Issuing a Provisional Improvement Notice (PIN) and directing the cessation of work

Course Duration

Option 1:Five (consecutive) days
Option 2:2 consecutive weeks - 3 days (1st week) + 2 days (2nd week)
Option 3:One day per week over five weeks (Brisbane Metro area only)


$800.00+GST per person. (Invoiced to your employer)
Additional charges may apply to group bookings outside of Brisbane Metropolitan area.
Note: a minimum of 8 participants will be required to run the course.




Participants will receive a Workcover Queensland Health and Safety Representative Training Statement of Attendance issued by Response Learning.

How to Enrol

To enrol, please complete the Response Learning Enrolment Form and the Provide Evidence of Identity (EOI). See Entry Requirements.

Entry Requirements

Participants must be:
  • A HSR or Deputy HSR elected under the WHS Act
  • 18 Years of age or older
  • Provide Evidence of Identity (EOI) as required by Workplace Health and Safety QLD to the facilitator on the morning of day 1 of training. Click the link to view types of acceptable EOI.
  • Have at least a year 10 level of numeracy, literacy and communication skills
  • Able to read and write English

Course Assessment

This course is non-competency based and has no formal assessment. Informal assessment of participant attendance and learner engagement will be undertaken by the facilitator against expected learner applications as detailed in the learner outcomes.

Assessment Decisions

The facilitator will make a decision about the attendance and engagement of participants relevant to the learning outcomes / expected learner applications to determine whether an attendance certificate should be issued to the participant.

Course Resources

Response Learning will a USB containing all documentation listed below and class sets for use during the course:
  • Educational and support services to meet the needs of the learner cohort/s undertaking the training and knowledge evaluation.
  • A copy of the HSR Participant Notes (also provide in hardcopy)
  • A full copy of the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 (class set)
  • Relevant sections of the WHS Regulations 2011
  • Relevant Codes of Practice for your industry
  • Interpretive Guidelines for 'the health and safety duty office under section 27' and a Guide to 'Reasonably Practicable'
  • National Comliance and Enforcement Policy
  • Worker Representation and Participation Guide

WHS Requirements

All participants will be required to adhere to the WHS requirements of the site at which training is conducted.


If you are an employer of HSR wishing to complete the 5 day course or refresher, please refer to the Response Learning HSR Training Requirements Form. This information is required for us to deliver an approved HSR course.

If you would like to enquire about HSR training or require any further information please contact us.